Join Our Trust

Join Our Trust

Ninestiles Academy Trust has a long history of school to school support and this has been further developed through our Teaching School Alliance. As our family grows the Trust is always looking to developing strong and productive partnerships with new schools and settings and has extensive experience of supporting schools through the conversion process.

Advantages Of Joining

We seek to build strong partnerships with school leaders and local governing boards and for schools converting to academy status there are clear advantages.


Direct support for school leaders and governors in the development of a strong and sustained trajectory of school improvement through management support including data analysis and follow up, appraisal and CPD and governor support and training.


Direct support in the classroom from our own core team, SLE’s and commissioned highly effective school improvers.


Engagement in a series of networks to develop effective practice in EYFS, English, Mathematics, SEND, Assessment, and Safeguarding.


Opportunities to work in other schools as leaders, coaches and direct classroom support and/or in an advisory capacity for other Trust activities.


Access to a full range of support services, including HR, Finance, ICT, and legal advice, delivering quality and value for money across the Trust.


A leadership role for all Principals to drive the Trust mission through attendance at regular meetings which identify key priorities and shape the future direction of the Trust


Access to a full range of CPD opportunities for all staff from NQT’s through to senior leaders through our Teaching School offer.

Supporting Each Other, And Achieving Potential

A benefit of working with a number of schools across the age range is the potential to highlight and share excellent practice through professional collaboration and we see one of our key roles as being the provision of mechanisms to enable this to happen in an easy and cost effective way.


For Schools being identified for conversion our role as a sponsor will be to ensure there is an unremitting focus on improvement, through our leadership, support and challenge role. We will focus on every pupil being able to achieve their potential and through that, have highly performing schools that are proud of their achievements and have the capacity to continue to improve.