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Wendy Cotterill
Principal, Erdington Hall Primary School
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Carol Phillips
Interim Executive Headteacher, Pegasus Primary School
Carol was the Principal of Erdington Hall Primary School until July 2016 and is an SLE. After having led the school to achieve 'Good' in their Ofsted Inspection, Carol is now working on a Trust wide EAL strategy. She has been in education for 28 years and has teaching and leadership experience in both Primary and Secondary schools. Carol has provided staff training and support in both Birmingham and Sandwell; she was an advisory teacher for science in Birmingham, and a School Improvement Consultant for Sandwell LA for five years. Carol has been actively involved in national and regional networks across the West Midlands
Harriett Simcox
Interim Head of School, Pegasus Primary School
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Mark Court
Principal, The Oaklands Primary School
Mark Court is the newly appointed Principal at The Oaklands Primary School. He previously worked at Montgomery Primary Academy for 5 years as an Assistant Headteacher and then the Deputy Headteacher. Mark is an SLE for EYFS and has supported Senior Leaders across the country in developing their EYFS. As a Talk for Writing trainer, he was worked closely with Pie Corbett. Mark has experienced teaching in London and Sydney, Australia. After working in some of the most deprived areas in the UK, yet achieving academic results on par with national figures, Mark is a firm believer that all children have the ability to achieve given the opportunity.
Davinder Jandu
Principal, Yarnfield Primary School
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Andrea Stephens & Alex Hughes
Interim Heads of School, Ninestiles, An Academy
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Abid Butt
Principal, Lyndon School
Abid is the Principal at Lyndon School. He has worked in education for nearly 18 years and for the main served in senior leadership roles including Advanced Skills Teacher, Assistant, Deputy and Associate Headteacher. His primary area of expertise is teaching school improvement and he has successfully contributed to raising standards in education locally in Solihull schools. Abid has worked with the National College to pilot revisions to the National Professional Qualification for Headship. (NPQH)
Jason Bridges
Principal, Cockshut Hill School
Jason is the newly appointed Principal at Cockshut Hill. He has taught in London, New York and at Ninestiles. Originally a PE teacher, Jason has held a variety of middle and senior leadership roles including Faculty Leader, AP for Behaviour and VP for Provision. Jason has two children Daniel & Luke and spends most of his weekend taking them to various sporting events!
Dr Martin Sullivan
Principal, The Sixth Form College, Solihull
Martin is the Principal of The Sixth Form College, Solihull. He became a research chemist after graduating from university and gained a PhD. It was during this time he found his true passion for education. He is dedicated to ensuring that all students achieve their potential and committed to opening them up to all the opportunities that education can offer. Martin is particularly keen to improve the lives of students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has been teaching since 1994 and has been in a leadership position since 1996 and a senior leader for over 14 years.