I was delighted to join Ninestiles Academy Trust as Chief Executive in May 2017.


The Trust currently includes four primary and three secondary schools. In addition, we were very pleased to welcome the Sixth Form College, Solihull into the Trust on 1 August 2017. In effect, we will now provide an all-through educational journey for some of our children from age 3 to age 18.

We are blessed with a richly diverse community across the Trust, and celebrate the wealth of opportunities this brings for learning about a range of different cultures, heritages, backgrounds and experiences. We are entirely committed to the promotion of equality across our Trust, in terms of opportunities offered, challenge given and standards achieved.


The Trust has grown quite quickly over recent years. In 2017-18, we are ‘rebooting’ our aims and further raising the expectations we have of ourselves and our pupils to ensure that we continue to raise standards across all our schools.


For schools, being part of our Trust family means that they benefit from a wide range of expertise, support and challenge. Colleagues work with each other across schools to share excellent practice and offer support if it’s needed. Our schools benefit from well-trained, dedicated teachers and staff who are all committed to providing the best education possible for pupils. We aim high: we want our pupils to achieve at least as well as, and usually better than others across the country.


We are committed to providing vibrant learning communities in our schools, where children, pupils and students are happy and safe. In addition, we want all our students to have as many choices in life as possible, when they leave us. To support this, our key focus is on learning and progress, ensuring excellent test and examination results.


To find out more information about individual schools, please visit their websites.

Catherine Anwar - Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer