NTSA TeachMeet – Tuesday 13th February at Cockshut Hill School

Come and Join Us!

NTSA TeachMeet is a FREE professional development opportunity where teachers come together in an informal setting to share good practice by presenting on some novel ideas. Lots of presentations, lots of ideas. It is very punchy, very innovative, good fun, highly productive and a great learning opportunity as well as highly entertaining.

How to book

Follow the link below to secure your place!


Date & Time

Tue 13 February 2018

17:00 – 20:00


Cockshut Hill School

Cockshut Hill



B26 2HX

Keynote: Kerry Leigh – Laughology

Psst! – did you know? When Kerry Leigh sees a rainbow, she gets more excited than a toddler on E numbers and has been known to scare/irritate/amuse strangers with her unbridled enthusiasm. She’s Laughology’s queen of interpretive dance and has a rare form of chronology OCD which causes her to develop a deep sense of satisfaction whenever the numerals on digital clocks are identical. Her favourite times are 3.33, 1.11 and 5.55.


  • 5.00pm – Arrival and registration
  • 5.15pm – Welcome and Keynote Laughology
  • 5.45pm – TeachMeet session 1
  • 6.25 – 6.40pm – comfort break & travel to next venue
  • 6.40 – 7.20pm – TeachMeet session 2
  • 7.20 – 8pm – Close; Refreshments, networking & raffle!